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Sacrista Prebend Retreat House: A Quiet Space in the Heart of Southwell

Warden’s Letter from Sacrista Prebend: Advent 2019

As we approach the beginning of the church new year on Advent Sunday I want to thank all the Friends of the House for your continuing prayerful and financial support of the House.

In October it was good to see some of you at the dedication of the tree in the reshaped front garden in thanksgiving for David Leaning the former Dean, and the plaque in memory of Hazel Ball. Both David and Hazel in different ways played a major part in the opening and development of Sacrista Prebend as a retreat house. They remind us that the House is only here because of the Management Committee, the volunteers and the Cathedral and its staff, working together, with support of the Friends like yourself.

If you do not pay by direct debit now is the time to send a cheque to Sacrista Prebend or to pop in to pay by cash. If you are able to encourage others to be a Friend please do so; and if anyone else reading this would like to support the work of the House by becoming a Friend do please contact us; Friends donate £20 a year towards the work of the House.

My short tenure as warden is now finishing and a new warden is being searched for. Please pray about this. I have enjoyed my time as warden and have found it most encouraging that so many people find prayer, silence and fellowship crucial parts of their faith and ways we may share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Many of you will know of the Holy Communion services which take place at 9.00am on Mondays (followed by breakfast) and 12.15pm on Wednesdays (followed by a soup lunch). You are most welcome to come along, just turn up.

There are also regular quiet days throughout 2020 with something for most people; the full programme can be found in the Minster or from the House (01636 816833 or, or at  .

Thank you for helping the House, and all it stands for and provides, to be here for those at any stage of the Advent faith, for those who are waiting on God, expecting God, and living for God today.

God bless


Revd Canon Tony Evans


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